Chain-plank type Compost Turning Machine

  • Posted on 31 December, 2021
  • By John Doe

The Chain-plank type Compost Turning Machine is suitable for aerobic composting of organic solid wastes such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, straw and so on. The traveling system of the machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation, having good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, high stacking efficiency and deep trough operation. It adopts variable frequency speed regulation walking system, which can well adapt to changing of workload. The walking speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the resistance of the material, which makes the equipment more adaptable and flexible.

Main Technical Parameters:


Power (kW)

Moving speed (m/min)

Displacement speed (m/min)

Turnover height (m)











Chain-plank type Compost Turning Machine Characteristics:
1.Adopted the pallet structure of chain drive and rolling support, low throwing resistance, energy and power saving , suitable for deep trough operation.
2.The turning pallet is equipped with flexible tensioning and elastic damping system to protect the transmission system and working parts for efficient operation.
3.Removable and replaceable wear-resistant curved tooth blades are installed on the turning pallet, which has strong crushing ability and good effect of windrow oxygen filling.
4.When turning and throwing, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, scattered at a high position, it can be in full contact with the air and easy to fall off.
5.Through the horizontal and vertical displacement, the turning and throwing operation can be realized at any position in the slot , which is flexible.
6.The lifting and lowering of the turning parts are controlled by the hydraulic system, which is flexible, safe and fast.
7.The machine can be remotely controlled to move forward, move horizontally, flip and retreat quickly, which can improve the operating environment.
8.Equipped with a moving machine, the slots changing can realize multi-slot operation for one turning- polishing machine, saving investment.

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